Certification Course for Assistant Fitness Coach and Asssitant Instructor/guide.

Course Meduim: English / தமிழ்

The 5 day CFR guide workshop focusing on improving the exercise training skill of the trainer, it gives a clear understanding on how to perform Corrective, Functional and Resistance training exercise in the right form, and also gives an understanding of working muscle groups and safety factors while training, right progression and regression in each category of exercise. You learn soft skills, gym disciplines and how to communicate to clients in a politely.  Human relationship handling, Maintenance of proper employer and employee relationship for long term career growth.

End of the course the trainer will be trained in 120 exercises in three different categories of training, along with business ethics and floor discipline, we know it is pretty tough to learn all the exercise in such a short time that’s we give a practice period of 8 to 12 weeks before the final testing protocol. This course will create the eligibility for a trainer to be an assistance coach / fitness instructor and helps in implementing exercise program effectively. 

The CFR Guide course is created for someone who is an active part of a Fitness centre or gym. CFR guides are the primary client support for fitness centres and fitness instructors. This course focuses on one’s soft skills and refining the exercise monitoring  of clients.
The course teaches how to deal with a client, how to handle objections an basic doubts. Learn to support the fitness centre and the  instructor in executing the fitness programs, safety , dealing with paperwork and general maintenance.

This program is for 5 days ( 2 days a week over 2 weekends)  and includes instructor and examination fee. 

To participate in this program you must be at least 18 years of age and have basic fitness. 

Course Fee:  Rs.20000 ( Incl GST)

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