Advanced Certification In Weight Management and Body Transformation - Level 1

1 Day Course | Fee Rs.10000 | Course Format - English / Hindi - ACFIT Certification

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In Level 1 Courses you will get knowledge of the most proven supplements and nutrition in the market. Additionally, you will learn to overcome deficiencies and properly create a full supplementation and diet plan. Once you master it, you can plan for others.

  • Fundamental of Fitness and nutrition.
  • How to create a transformation diet plan High-performance supplementation.
  • Prevention of steroid abuse in fitness nutrition.
  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Four categories of diet
  • Breaking the Fat loss and Muscle gain myths
  • Introduction to macro nutrition
  • Portion rules of Transformation diet
  • Classification of Nutrition supplementation
  • How to check the quality of supplements
  • Transformation supplementation plan
  • Clinical nutritionist
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Dietician
  • Body builders
  • Fitness Models, House wives, Lady fitness trainers, Sports Coach, PT Masters, Cosmetology, Wellness Nutrition, Fitness Nutrition


  • This course consists of  two 3 hour webinar sessions
  • webinar 1 Fundamentals of fitness nutrition and portion rule for transformation diet plan 
  • webinar 2 Fundamentals of supplementation and prevention of steroid abuse
  • every session will end up with 30 minutes Interactive Q & A session, 
  • we can accommodate maximum 30 Participants
  • medium of course delivery English
  • subsequent sessions can be conducted in Tamil & Hindi languages

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