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Covid & Fitness

Covid & fitness decoded I’m sorry we’ve gotten technical in the last few newsletters…I didn’t even ask how you’ve been..Times have been tough…for everyone..all over

high intensity training- HIT

HIGH intensity training (HIT) An introduction What kinda training do you follow? I’m a huge fan of High Intensity Training (HIT)..even as a kid…starting up body

Protein- Creatine Case study

Protein creatine Case study I’m gonna make some assumptions to give you a good idea about this.. Let’s say, a guy starts taking ‘Body building’

Protein & Creatine Difference

Protein & creatine learn to tell the difference Ever since I started my journey as a body builder, I’ve been looking deeply into the secrets

Why, what, why not?

Why What & Why Not? Better understanding of fitness What is Fitness? Fitness can be referred as an exceptional state that is achieved when body

Illusions & Science

Illusions of the Nutrition and Fitness Industry and Science behind Fat Loss The evolution decoded One of the most popular ads we see today in

Assess yourself

Just 8 questions & you can tell us about your fitness! its that simple Let’s do this rough fitness assessment, before we meet for your free


CFR Corrective Functional Resistance  Fitness has been my passion ever since my mid-school days. I have been a wild experimenter of different techniques, systems, supplements

Fitness lies and motivation

You are your biggest enemy. Beware of your own lies! Liar Liar Human brain is a fascinating instrument. But, it can also be really funny.

Myth buster

Fitness’ means nothing if it’s only about building muscles or burning fat. Let’s grow up A funny young guy posing in front of brown background