Have you ever imagined how ancient bodybuilders did it?

Can you believe how far we’ve come in the world of fitness and body knowledge? mind boggling! We’ve reached a level of scientific understanding about our body and fitness, that our ancestors would’ve never dreamed of. But sometimes, amidst all this modern advancement, it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane and imagine what it was like for our ancient fitness gurus, bodybuilders, and everyday folks.

So, hold on tight as we take a journey through 10 ancient fitness equipment inventions. We’ll uncover the quirky inventors, the muscles they targeted, and even the places where they were used. Brace yourself for some ancient science but I’m also keeping it lighthearted and entertaining, Devika! Here’s to your pleasure…

  1. Dand/Battu: Invented by The Great Gama Singh (yes, that’s his name!), this wooden pole workout targeted your full body. Rumor has it that Gama Singh used it to battle imaginary dragons and impress the ladies. Jokes apart, it was considered powerful. 
  2. Gada/Mace: Picture Emperor Ashoka swinging a heavy club to work on his shoulders and grip strength. Who needs dumbbells when you can channel your inner warrior? 
  3. Pehlwani Kushti: The Great Gama and Ghulam Muhammad, the wrestling legends, turned this training regimen into a full-body strength and agility extravaganza. We can only imagine the intense wrestling matches that ensued!
  4. Khurki: It’s an iron or stone dumbbell that Indian wrestlers and warriors used to challenge their stability and core muscles. Imagine flexing those bulging muscles with an ancient-looking dumbbell. Talk about a showstopper!
  5. Baithak Ghar/Indian Squatting Platform: Ah, the humble squatting platform. It has been enhancing lower body strength and hip mobility since ancient times. Who needs fancy gym equipment when you can squat like an Indian legend? 
  6. Mallakhamb: Developed for Maharashtra’s wrestlers, Mallakhamb is a fusion of gymnastics and pole dancing. Balambhatta Dada Deodhar and Ramchandra Pandurang Tope must have had quite the acrobatic workout sessions!
  7. Rope Mallakhamb: A modern twist on Mallakhamb, this version incorporates a suspended rope. Just imagine the hilarious attempts at maintaining balance while looking like a circus performer. It’s all about fitness and fun, folks!
  8. Indian Clubbells: These ancient Meels were the go-to tools for warriors and wrestlers looking to improve their coordination and flexibility. Flex those muscles and swing those clubs with style!
  9. Kalari Payattu Weapons: Thacholi Othenan, the martial artist extraordinaire, wielded swords, spears, and flexible blades while training in Kerala. It’s like joining a real-life ancient action movie set!
  10. Nettipattam: This majestic headgear adorned with an elephant motif made the Theyyam dancers in Kerala look like fitness fashionistas. Strength, power, and grace combined in one fashionable accessory!

So, let’s have a laugh but also embrace the quirky side of ancient fitness science. 

Stay fit, stay funny, and keep those ancient fitness traditions alive.

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