Virtual Coaching Specialization

The NASM Virtual Coaching Specialization is an immersive online experience, equipping you with the skills, tools, and strategies needed to launch, operate, or transition your current fitness or wellness business into a successful Virtual Coaching Business. You will learn how to foster an engaging and effective online relationship with your clients.

Program Benefits

NASM’s Virtual Coaching Specialization will enable its recipients to:

  • Complete essential components of a business plan required to launch a virtual training business.
  • Use a virtual environment to conduct and modify fitness assessments on clients.
  • Design programming for clients with an array of weight loss goals and obstacles.
  • Coach and cue clients in a virtual training environment.
  • Modify programming based on specific client needs in a virtual environment.
  • Coach an array of different client needs in a virtual environment using proven behavior change strategies such as goal setting and motivational interviewing.
  • Use the virtual environment to increase a client’s average order value.
  • Compare effective sales and marketing strategies used to operate and sustain a successful virtual training business

Self Study – E Book : ₹ 35,000 (Including GST)

Course Content

✔ 9 In-Depth Chapters See the course curriculum and what you will learn in each chapter here.
✔ Practical Tools and Resources
✔ 90 Custom Graphics
✔ 9 Chapter Quizzes
✔ Online Final Exam There are 100 test questions with a 90 minute time limit. You must pass with a scaled score of 70 or better.
✔ High-Quality, Digital Course Portal This course is 100% online and the high-end, easy-to-use digital delivery portal is accessible on all devices.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Virtual Coaching

Chapter 2: Building a Business

Chapter 3: Technology Considerations

Chapter 4: Communication and Coaching Strategies

Chapter 5: Administering Virtual Assessments

Chapter 6: Implementing Coaching Sessions

Chapter 7: Integrating Wearable’s into Virtual Coaching

Chapter 8: Selling Virtual Coaching

Chapter 9: Marketing Virtual Coaching

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