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Case study

I’m gonna make some assumptions to give you a good idea about this..

Let’s say, a guy starts taking ‘Body building’ at the age of 16, prime adolescence. Let’s say he starts with 70 Kgs of body weight. The reason I mentioned a ‘guy’ is because the calculations would change for a ‘girl’ which I’ll talk about in another mail..but, let’s get started..

If he takes his nutrition seriously with the perfect mix of Proteins, Carbs, fat, Vitamins and minerals..along with perfect resistence training and recovery methods, the max he can add in the next 15 years of his life is 25Kgs of PURE LEAN MASS above his ‘normal’. Provided he has reasonably good genetics to back his effort. The way it would practically translate is like this:

1st year of workout – He’d add 6-7 Kgs

The second year, with the same effort, he’d only be able to add 3kgs

and the Third year, he’ll be lucky if, he can add more than 1 kg to his muscle mass..

That’s just how it, if he continues working out for 15 years since his age-16, by the time he’s 30, he’d have added 25 kgs..note that he was able to add 11 Kgs just in the first 3 years and only 14 kgs more, from the remaining 12 years!! That’s just how the graph flattens over time..and after 30, he’d be doing well, just to retain the mass he put on..because then, the harmones (Testosterone, growth, etc) takes a dive down and the body just wouldn’t respond to efforts the same way it did when he was 15.

So, how much protein does he need in those 15 years to achieve an extra 25 kgs of lean mass?. The answer is gonna SURPRISE you! That’s what I’m gonna talk about next week. Stay tuned! and keep talking..I love it when you reply back to my emails. Shows we have a connection! 🙂

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