ACFIT Fitness Nutrition & Supplementation

ACFIT Fitness & sports nutrition is an evolution of clinical nutrition. This new approach goes beyond just simple application of macros (protein, carbs, Fat).  We have modified it to suite people with special or specific requirements including sports performance and fitness performance. The fundamental concepts of fitness nutrition remains the same, be it for a practicing beginner or a student pursuing an advanced fitness degree. This two days, intensive workshop will give a clear idea about application of macros for optimum fat loss and muscle gain results. 

This workshop helps you understand practically how much time will be required,  what level of consistency in effort will be required to achieve the desired results. Add on to it you can enhance your sports performance by understanding the science behind supplementation. With the understanding of supplementation science,  you can optimize the genetic potential without using harmful drugs.  The seminar will also give a deep insight towards prevention of steroid use in sports & bodybuilding. Remember you are not mastering nutrition science just by participating in a two days workshop,  this is just a first, yet a very strong and fundamentally sound footing in the right approach towards the evolving world of fitness nutrition science. 

Workshop Content


Physiology of Energy metabolism 

Breaking the fat loss and muscle building myths

Understanding macros


How to calculate calories based on your fitness goals

Importance of intake history before creating a diet plan


Application of various dieting principles (Paleo,IM, Zone, zigzag, ketose)

Diet log & Mobile applications for diet log


Why we need supplements (reasons or importance of supplementation)

Classification of various supplements

Effective dosage protocol of supplements

Prevention of steroid abuse


Course Details:

Course Instructor : Mr. Harikrishnan Krishnamurthy

Course duration:  2 Days , Saturday and Sunday

Session Duration per day : 6 hours  10am to 1pm & 2pm to 5 pm

Conducted once in every 3 Months 

Model:  Independent Model:  CFR-Pro Continuing Education Unit (CEU) 

Supports NASM – Certified Personal Trainer 

Covers CPT Syllabus Session 3 Basics and applied science and nutritional concepts

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Course Fee :

7,000.00 +GST