CFR – PRO Bundle

CFR-PRO CERTIFICATION: The Foundation Of Fitness Training

There are three important aspects to be considered in fitness training,

  • Proper posture
  • Proper Movement
  • Perfect resistance

5 COURSE MODULES: 2 days per module

A) Training Language For Corrective Exercise    B) Corrective Approach For Functional Training   C) Corrective Approach For Weight Training    D) Assessment & Program Design    E ) CPR & First Aid Certification


To get optimum benefits of training, CFR starts with ‘Corrective’, which is aimed at improving the physical infrastructure (body postures by flexibility and core training) and then free the body to comfortably handle more range of movements through ‘Functional’ training. When the stage is set and the body is ready, we move the client to ‘Resistance’ where we subject the body to high-intensity training to see explosive results.

Course Fee :