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World’s Fitness Certification Leader, NASM- National Academy Of Sports Medicine’s partnership with ACFIT ACADEMY started on the 15th of July 2014. 

This eight year partnership that benefited thousands of fitness professionals in India, had its major milestone in September, 2018. It was the year, ACFIT ACADEMY launched its Online Education Services for Fitness’ Professionals and sought deeper partnership with NASM to provide quality, research based learning to Fitness professionals across India. ACFIT ACADEMY became the first Educational Partner to NASM in India (Jeremy Guenther, Vice President, NASM, deserves a special mention for his enthusiasm and support to see this partnership through).

To create awareness among the Fitness community and to adapt to online training model came with a lot of challenges — mental and otherwise. But with consistent effort and faith in the model, ACFIT was able to deliver, having trained over 7000 Fitness Professionals in just a few years since the launch. As a blessing in disguise, the Covid lockdowns made the benefits of Online Training obvious. Suddenly, a professional from a small town in the North didn’t have to settle for less. They could sign up with ACFIT and even obtain world class training online. It made sense and received acceptance all over. Barriers were broken. Knowledge could spread.

The Hybrid Training approach combining Online and Offline training workshops helped produce over 2000 Certified Fitness Professionals in just the last two years.

NASM did a commendable job in designing the courses and evolving them, allowing professionals to keep upgrading their knowledge and certifications. Those who have mastered the foundation courses like Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialization, & Performance Enhancement Specialization could move on and upgrade to Virtual Coaching Specialization, Certified Nutrition Coach, Women Fitness Specialization, Weight Loss Specialization, Youth Exercise Specialization, Senior Fitness Specialization & Certified Wellness course.

With excellent team effort from ACFIT, amazing NASM courses were delivered like a crash course helping students complete Certifications faster than ever before and yet without compromising on ‘Learning’ in any way.

With all the motivation and support from NASM, as we march into the 9th year of our collaboration, we have no doubt ACFIT is poised to carry the good message of Fitness Education to great many professionals in the country. Our vision remains — To create many lucrative opportunities to Fitness Professionals and improve the Health Index of the whole nation. You and us, together.


Celebrating its 33rd year, the National Academy of Sports Medicine still remains the yard stick of international standard in fitness education. NASM’s produces highly qualified fitness professionals, with a sound scientifically backed fitness trainer programs. Their best in classNASM  Certified Personal Training program, among other major specializations in Nutrition Coaching (CNC), Sports Performance (PES), and Corrective Exercise (CES). NASM’s courses have been developed using their proprietary Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model; a by far superior training system based on scientific, evidence-based research.


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