Women’s Fitness Specialization

Women have different fitness needs at different life stages! Help your clients successfully navigate through life stages with NASM’s Women’s Fitness Specialization.

The Women’s Fitness Specialization (WFS) gives you the resources to confidently design and adjust fitness programming for your female clients across their unique life stages and physical changes. From adolescences to pregnancy and postnatal needs, to mid-life and menopausal weight gain and osteoporosis, the WFS will show you how to immediately apply/use the NASM Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model to meet their changing fitness and health/wellness goals.

Program Benefits

Show women there’s no limit to what they can achieve! NASM Women’s Fitness Specialists:

  • Boost their reputation, career, and client base by training women of all ages and body types, including younger, pre- and postnatal, and older women
  • Teach clients about good nutrition and how to use the Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) Model to manage their weight
  • Provide corrective exercise, cardiovascular, and small-group training
  • Invest in their client’s lives and futures . . . as well as their own!

Self Study – E Book : ₹ 25,000(Including GST)

Course Content

✔ Immediate Course Access
✔ Downloadable Women’s Fitness Specialist Manual that covers the physiological and anatomical considerations you should know when training women across the life stages. The manual provides programming details with exercise variables and modifications for flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, Plyometric and resistance training. It also covers fitness assessments, psychological considerations, nutrition and how to grow your business by working with women.
✔ Downloadable Women’s Fitness Programming Manual that is easy to use and follow. It includes corrective exercise programming, annual, monthly and daily training programs using the OPT model, cardio respiratory training plans and small group training circuits for a range of fitness goals and physiological needs such as weight loss, strength, and pregnancy, plus supportive nutrition tips you can share to keep clients on track.
✔ Module Presentations addressing the key topics from the readings
✔ Exercise Video Library so you can see how the moves should be done
✔ Module quizzes to test what you learned
✔ Specialization Final Exam with immediate results (3 attempts to earn a successful score of 70% or higher)

Module 1: The Group Fitness Industry
Module 2: Foundations of Exercise Science
Module 3: The Human Movement System
Module 4: Integrated Fitness

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