Illusions of the Nutrition and Fitness Industry and Science behind Fat Loss

The evolution decoded

One of the most popular ads we see today in any media is things such as How to lose body

weight quickly? How to build muscles? How to lose 10 kg of body weight in 10 days? If we know the

underlying reality behind how we gain and lose weight, we will not waste our time and money on

this type of advertising.

Three of the world's most popular industries have been making profits many times more than

satisfying any customers in the order below;

No. 1

        The hair oil and tablets that promises to promote hair growth in the bald head:

I have learnt the truth about it at a very young age and have been enjoying my bald style for the last

12 years. These oil and pill sellers generally claim these facts by telling lies such as "My friend’s Uncle

used this and he is amazed by the way this works after seeing a good hair growth. I am using it too

and I vouch for the good results as well." Such false claims will be made pointing to the cat hair that

was lowered in their forehead with utter confidence. Until the end, we cannot possibly see that kind

of uncle. Even if he had grown his hair, it would have been through a hair transplant. 

 No. 2

           Drugs that increase the lack of masculinity and the length of an organ:

Man is the only stupid animal in the world to worry and be conscious about his sex life. Basically 90

percent of these problems are psychological. Knowing this, many companies are making billions of

dollars of profits.

No. 3

            Instant Body Weight Reduction Methods, Medicines and Clothings in our fitness industry:

If you look closely at these three fields, there is a fundamental unity. The products and services they

advertise will be short-term market sustainable. Every two to three days, a new product and service

is introduced and the old products slowly leave the market. Huge promotional campaigns will be

used to popularize new products each time. For example, as soon as you hear "From the depths of

Amazon Forests", you know the rest of the sentence subconsciously. But today the subject is

relegated to a ruined world. It will definitely revive in a couple of years and will dominate the market

in other ways. In the last twenty years since the launch of private television channels, you must have

seen so many fitness devices with initials ABS on it. Can you find any such equipment in any of the

gyms? Your trainer will show the old Decline Bench when you ask him to reduce his stomach. If such

equipment were to make sense, I would have to close my Training Studio and my Fitness Academy

and will have to put up a small shop somewhere in a crowded market or bazaar. These are all

illusions. Let me state the truth now. Firstly let me talk about body fat reduction and weight loss and

later in detail about muscle growth. Because this is a more sort after in the market. Only after


understanding and learning answers to the basic questions, we will get a complete clarity on the

matter. But since these answers are against our false belief, our mind will have little trouble

accepting it. Its okay, Truth will Prevail.

The first question:

           What happens to the fat that is burned out of our body? A lot of people give many wrong

answers to this question. One is by means of sweating. Otherwise they will be in the hope of passing

it out through urine and faeces. To understand this we need to learn some basic chemistry. Human

body fat is made up of three molecules – Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Chemical composition of

Fat is .  

               Fat is formed when 55 Carbon molecules, 104 Hydrogen molecules and 6 Oxygen molecules

combine together. Even in the case of 10% Six Pack stomach, this Fat burns with the Oxygen in the

air that we inhale and releases the remaining Oxygen, Carbon and Hydrogen molecules into Carbon

Dioxide () and Water (O). Of this, 84% is released as and 16% as O. 


Fat with Oxygen we inhale  Expiration and Outgoing water through sweat and urine

+ 55 + 55O


If we burn 1000 Kg of fat, 840 Kg will be released as Carbon Dioxide and 160 Kg as water.  If

you ask me how I know this, then I'll have to start with the Chemistry Periodic Table. So let’s just

leave it at that.

               A half Yogi might say, "If you want me to release 840 kg of CO2, then I will breathe it out by

doing Kapalabhati (a type of Pranayama Yoga) tomorrow” and we should know that it is not going to

happen that way. The fat stored in the body breaks down as Negative Calorie Balance and

triglycerides which in turn uses it to power cells. This happens when biochemistry occurs inside the

body. Even if Aadiyogi hopes to reduce cholesterol, he can achieve it only by doing his dance in a half


                   The next important question is how much fat can you reduce in a month? The answer can

be found with basic mathematical knowledge. If one wants to lose 10 kg of fat (not just the body

weight. When we mean weight it includes both water and muscle)

                10 kg fat = 10,000 g

                1 g fat = 9 kg calories

                10,000g Fat = 90,000 kg

                When someone burns 90,000 calories, 10 kg of fat is reduced. It takes 450 to 550 Kcal

(calories) to do one hour of aerobic or low intensity weight training. I'll take the average of 500 Kcal

into account here. Also assume he reduces another 500 Kcal through dieting. Following this at the

rate of 1000 Kcal per day, he can reduce the fat content by 10 Kg in 90 days. This 90-day calculation


will increase to more number of days depending on the number of days of not training, days of not

dieting, and days of high calorie food intake. So how do you reduce 5kg and 10kg a month? This

excess weight loss usually occurs for the first one to two months when the body is losing weight (not

fat loss) when water and muscle tissues are burned. This can then be continued only at a rate of 1 ½

to 2 ½ kg per month. The first two months of weight loss is the big business strategy all market

companies use. As Fred Hatfield (founder of ISSA) puts it, "When you slow down the Calorie Knob

even donkeys will lose weight." However, depending on how healthy they are, you have to decide

whether the technique used to lose weight is right or wrong.

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