HIGH intensity training (HIT)

An introduction

What kinda training do you follow? I’m a huge fan of High Intensity Training (HIT)..even as a kid…starting up body building..my passion was to follow HIT ..I used to buy magazines and books about it (no internet days!)..Mike Mentzer, the Father of High Intensity Training was my Drona..I would read and learn from him like I was Ekalavya.. I mastered his techniques..his science..and even had a chance to meet his last disciple (Mike’s no more ), Dorian Yates a few months ago… It was exhilarating!!

The beauty of high intensity is…you only have to workout once or twice a week..then it’s all about eating well, resting and recovering..and you’ll gain muscles much bigger than if you workout everyday…Mike believed and proved that it’s the RFECOVERY after short but heavy workout, that muscles really develop.. It’s amazing..

There are two ways to add intensity.. one is by adding more weight..the other is by reducing the time between sets.. It’s like this… let’s say, you run a mile and take 30 minutes break..and then run a mile again..and again take 30 minutes break..what you are doing is raising your metabolism and bringing it back to your normal resting metabolism by taking a break of 30 minutes… instead if you reduce your break from 30 to let’s say 15 minutes.. your metabolism hasn’t come to resting levels yet..but you start your next mile already..that way, since your starting point for the second mile is already elevated metabolism, running the second mile is as good as running a bit more…takes more effort and definitely higher intensity… I’m using this technique in my current workout… adding intensity by reducing time between sets.. try them…and let me know the results you discover!!

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