How long does it take to grow your fitness career?

The evolution decoded

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I personally find myself successfully growing all through those years. Maybe, I’ll share a tip…a 3 step plan…to keep you growing briskly.

It starts with 1. Understanding your industry and arriving at goals. So, how big is the fitness industry? Read the numbers.. Understand the market size.. When it comes to goals, what are the personal reasons that drive you to the fitness industry. Is it unexplainable passion? Or is it a well strategized plan for financial freedom? Or is it the love for the world, the desire to help humanity?
The next step is to identify your niche. Fitness industry is actually pretty huge…you can play a crucial part in several areas of the industry…You can easily fit into any of the following with appropriate effort:

  • Designers
  • Front office Managers
  • Sales
  • Fitness supplement sales professional
  • Fitness equipment sales professional
  • Personal Trainer
  • General Fitness Trainer
  • Corporate Fitness Trainer
  • Wellness Coach
  • Fitness coach
  • Sports Fitness Trainer
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

The list is pretty big…opportunities, plenty…Industry is growing…But remember, with right information, resources and guidance you can get to the top. I want nothing less for you. Also remember, the fitness industry starts with a low paying gig in the beginning. That’s how it was for me too.. But, after 20 years, I’m telling you, the growth is insane in our industry. So, don’t mind where you start. Patience matters. 

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