I have 10 rules to help you be your best!

The evolution decoded

Here are 10 rules to live by as a Fitness Trainer. Doesn’t matter what stage of fitness career you are currently in, these rules will work. Rank yourself  against these rules and see if you are doing something to improve it. Revisit it periodically for introspection. your growth is guaranteed.. so…let’s go!

  1. Lead by Example: As a fitness trainer, it’s important to practice what you preach. This means living a healthy and active lifestyle yourself. If you look fit, it’ll be easier for your clients to believe in your abilities.
  2. Focus on Safety: Always prioritise safety and proper form when designing workouts for clients.
  3. Listen to Your Clients: Take the time to listen to your clients’ goals, concerns, and feedback. This will help you tailor your training programs to meet their specific needs.
  4. Build Relationships: Foster positive relationships with your clients by being friendly, approachable, and supportive.
  5. Be Professional: Maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times, and uphold ethical standards within the industry.
  6. Keep Learning: Stay up-to-date with the latest research and trends in the fitness industry, and continue to learn and grow as a trainer. NASM, must
  7. Be Adaptable: Be flexible and adaptable in your training programs, as each client has unique needs and abilities.
  8. Encourage Consistency: Help your clients develop consistent fitness habits by setting achievable goals and holding them accountable.
  9. Educate Your Clients: Educate your clients on the benefits of exercise and healthy living, and empower them to take control of their own fitness journey.
  10. Practice Self-Care: As a fitness trainer, it’s important to take care of yourself physically and mentally to avoid burnout and maintain a positive attitude

The satisfaction you are about to enjoy by following these fundamentals is gonna make you feel way more grateful for life. It’s not always about numbers but the quality of experience as you go through it. But numbers always follow. Good fundamentals are a great friend. It protects your soul and sets you free!

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