Fitness’ means nothing

if it's only about building muscles or burning fat.

Let’s grow up

Fitness is about making you feel great and beautiful. Its about giving you the strength and

stamina, so you don’t feel you need another hand where just one is enough! Fitness is about

giving you that extra energy at the end of a tiring day, so you can be nice to your spouse or

play goofball with your children. CFR training delivers exactly on this promise. Without

wasting any time, let’s ‘Discover Fitness’ — A program that’s made, keeping you in mind!

Discover Fitness

If we must split the whole game of fitness practices, you can have them in three categories:

Corrective — This type of fitness programs are aimed as a ‘reaction to discomfort’ you

experience. If you went through knee pain and if you doctor recommends physiotherapy, it

can be considered ‘corrective’. There are hosts of postural irregularities in an average human

that can cause discomfort in their life time. This kind of a program includes postural

correction, pilates, yoga, pain management, treatments and therapy. Note — Yoga requires

functional stability or it can also create more problems than it solves.

Functional —  If your body is aligned and is free from postural irregularities, you are eligible

for functional training. Functional training is flexing your muscles through activities outside

of traditional gym. It includes marathon, cycling, surfing, sports training, boot camps, cross

fit, etc.

Resistance — If you are comfortable with one or more activities of functional training, you

are ready for ‘Resistance training’. Resistance training is where all mainstream programs

are — body building, strength building, six pack training among others comes under this.

As an individual who is not professionally trained about fitness, it can be daunting to choose

the right course of action for our needs. Hundreds of program and ads can confuse and mis-

lead us. For instance, we might have a mild hip postural abnormality but without knowing it,

we might be tempted to run a marathon (functional) with an insisting friend, only to end up

hurting our body and losing our self confidence.

The solution you and me are seeking for is comprehensive CFR training. We are the only one

in our country with this perfect program for you. Its perfect because it can adapt to your need.

It starts with correcting your postural abnormalities and moves you to functional training

before launching you into high intensity resistance training. The DNA of this program is

borrowed wisdom from over a hundred years of research, both by fitness gurus and the

scientific community. It is then blended with our own 20 years of experience and


This program needs you for 12 weeks, with each phase lasting three solid weeks of

training. Never again would you have a trouble playing with your kids or flipping a bubble top,

climbing stairs, rushing to your transport, carrying your big travel baggage!

Assessment and tracking tools will be provided to give you the required awareness of your

food intake — what to eat and when.

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