Just 8 questions & you can tell us about your fitness!

its that simple

Let’s do this rough fitness assessment, before we meet for your free consultation. Give
yourself 10 points for every ‘YES’. Start!

Do you go to bed or wake up at a specific time? 

What’s your bed time? — — Your wake up time? — — — — — 

Do you perform any physical activity for atleast 20 straight minutes, daily ?

Can you sit down and stand up a few times, without your body crossing the toe?

Can you leap the stairs, two at a time, without a hitch?

Can you buckle up your car seat belt without feeling any discomfort?

Can you bend down without hunching your back?

Let’s see where your fitness levels are:

How many ‘YES’ did you get?

6 — Awesome! You must be feeling a lot of energy. Kudos!

5- Not bad! You are doing many things right. Just a few corrections. Let’s talk.

4- Good! But, don’t get any lower than this.

3- There’s hope. You are having problems with your energy levels and even your moods at this
point. You need to make fitness your priority.

2 or 1 — Oh dude! This isn’t cool. You have no idea how much happiness you are capable of, if

you take your fitness seriously. We must talk!

Bravo! You did it. 
This is just a fun test to give us an idea. Do visit our personal training studio for a free
consultation with Hari. Let’s put you through a rigorous assessment when you come, that can
put you on a speedy lane to your fitness goals. Welcome.

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