Protein & creatine

learn to tell the difference

Ever since I started my journey as a body builder, I’ve been looking deeply into the secrets of what builds us up. I’ve read countless books, performed countless experiments on my own body..all in an attempt to understand, ‘WHAT REALLY BUILDS THE BODY’?. The most fundamental to it are two compounds that is in every body builder’s routine — Protein and Creatine. But today, I’m gonna dive into these two and tell you what’s important than the other…Let’s find out.. read on…

Protein — Protein as you know is what builds the muscle.. when you work out, you are literally tearing off the micro-tissues in your body..and when you add protein to the mix, your body takes the protein, turns it into basic amino acids and uses them to repair the muscles. When it’s done repairing, you have a much stronger and bigger muscle than you started with, before working out.. no matter how much you work out, if you are not giving protein to the body, you are never gonna build those muscles. Even worse, you might end up losing the lean mass.. Proteins are that important.. but,wait a sec… we haven’t explored what Creatine does…

Creatine — Creatine Monohydrate is an under rated body building compound.. To understand it’s vitality, just look at what your muscles are made of.. 79% of your muscles, no matter how bulky or lean you are, is made up of WATER. Water is not seperate from the muscles, it actually is what muscles are made of…That’s right.. 79% of your lean mass is still made of just water.. Think about it… if you wanna increase your muscle mass, all you need to do it to focus on the 79% rather than the 21%.. to enjoy faster and bigger growth,.that’s where Creatine comes in… Creatine basically helps the muscles grow bigger by attaching more water molecules to it.. it’s such a neat trick..the one that works!

Obviously you need both protein and Creatine…but in my opinion, You can achieve more with creatine than with just a lot of protein… You can grow bulkier and build solid lean mass..Just make sure your kidneys are in good shape because Creatine does make your kidneys work a little harder than protein does..but, all things considered, Creatine is the WINNER!!

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