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I’m sorry we’ve gotten technical in the last few newsletters…I didn’t even ask how you’ve been..Times have been tough…for everyone..all over the world.. Covid wrecked a havoc and things are still taking time to get back to being normal..Mental health is extremely important for the next few months..for all of us…All of us have suffered trauma in one way or another…either personally or someone close to us in some way… I’m wishing you and everyone you love, the best of times to come..and my blessings come true! 🙂

I hope you’ve been taking care of your health and fitness, like professionals..Supplements are important…so important that several studies in the last couple of years have proved them to be..for instance, just Vitamin D is a major predictor of Covid mortality, found several studies..Some stats to see how important supplements are :

93% of critically ill in Covid, had low Vitamin D.. ( ..The mortality of COVID patients is almost zero if Vitamin D level was 60 ng/ml and it is very high if the levels are less than 30 ng/ml.

65% of the patients who died had low Selenium levels. Selenium is often ignored as a vital supplement.

75% of the patients who died had very low DHA + EPA (Omega 3 fatty acids). 

Low Testosterone was highly correlated with Covid deaths..

The list goes on …so, I decided to take you through a 10 hours crash course about Supplements you must know and master.

Sad reality is, almost all the vital supplements could be bought and they are affordable..yet, most couldn’t, for the lack of knowledge in the matter of Supplementation..Covid is almost past its deadly phase..but, supplements are important to prevent ourselves from  the attacks of any future pathogens or health ailments.. 


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