Training Language For Corrective Exercise

Expand your understanding of human functional anatomy. 

Just knowing the names of the muscles and bones is not enough anymore, the client are more aware on these matters today. You need to go to the next level in your understanding of the intricate relationships between the muscles and the joint actions. Master anatomical concepts, terms and enhance the way you understand and communicate with your clients.    

In your journey to go pro, you are required to think and talk like one. 

 2 Full day Workshop.

Course Fee : ₹ 5,000 +GST

Course Content


  • Introduction to CFR training principle
  • Introduction to human movement science & exercise physiology
  • Fundamentals of functional anatomy


  • Joint by Joint mobility assessment
  • Integrated posture and movement assessment


  • Practice of Self myofascial release through Foam rollers (helps in memorizing anatomic names of muscles)
  • Active stretching techniques for all mobility muscle groups
  • Activation techniques for core and stabilizer muscle groups
  • Practice with equipment (foam rollers & stretching bands)


  • Improvising training variables (Set/Rep/TUT/Rest) for corrective exercise program
  • Designing Prehab corrective exercise program to improve posture and prevent injuries
Course fee INR: 5,000 + GST
Course days 2 Days , Saturday and Sunday
Conducted once in every 3 Months
Model Independent Model goes with CFR-Pro Pendulum Training System
Supports NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
Covers CPT Syllabus Human Movement Science / Flexibility & Core Training Model



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