When your client gets into a sudden Cardiac arrest, will you panic? Would you like to help? What’s the right way to proceed? How to administer first aid?

Answers for all these questions are available @ ACFIT as this is the only academy that includes CPR & First Aid Certification into the curriculum and thus making it mandatory for all the trainers to get an insight into Effective CPR(Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid Procedures.

Once you train a client under your guidance, it becomes your responsibility as they are trusting you with their life. During this session, you will learn,

How to treat a client in various traumatic condition like Sprain, Strain, Cramps.

Course Fee : ₹ 2,500 +GST

Course Content

  • Common Gym Injury Management,
  • How to act in various injury emergencies like bleeding, fractures, head and spine injuries,
  • How to act in various medical emergencies like breathing problems, heart attack, stroke fainting, low sugar,
  • Heart attack and CPR Procedure
Course feeINR: 2,500 + GST
Course DeliveryOnly during the week ends
Course duration1 week end
 Week 1 : Saturday 6 Hour Practical’s (Only Direct class room session)
Conducted once in every3 Months
ModelIndependent Model goes with CFR-Pro Pendulum Training System
SupportsNASM – Certified Personal Trainer
Covers CPT SyllabusApproved By NASM for CPT exam




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