Corrective Functional Resistance 

Fitness has been my passion ever since my mid-school days. I have been a wild experimenter

of different techniques, systems, supplements and so on. I will have to admit that not

everything I learnt was useful. Every few years later, some new research would prove some

old concepts wrong and even harmful sometimes. I can give you some examples to explain

more but I think I’ll do that, in depth, later, in the interest of keeping this Blog short.

So, coming back, I think I have picked the best of everything I know and have created a tight

system. The system is called ‘Corrective Functional Resistance Training’. The system is based

on three vital phases every one must go through.

1. Corrective phase

2. Functional phase

3. Resistance phase

Corrective phase

Every adult has a few spasms whether they realize or not. You and me inclusive. We only

realize that there’s a problem when it immobilizes us or gives us inconvenient pain. But, all of

us do get used to some pain and consider it as a part of a normal life. If you don’t address

those spasms or postural incorrectness, old age can be very difficult. But, even now, when we

try to ‘work out’ without sorting those spasms or some basic postural incorrectness, we might

end up hurting those muscles instead of building them. The first stage to getting fit, no matter

what you ultimate goals are, should be in first setting up the body to take on intense training.

Its starts with first correcting the wrongs of your body and make it ready for training.

Note — At the beginning of your training with me, we both will discover all the outliers of your

body and begin by correcting them. In four weeks, you will feel ready to take on intense

training. Your body will ask for it. I have developed an assessment model to show us if you

have come out of this phase successfully and if so, we’ll move on to the next.

Functional training

Functional training is strengthening you to perform various tasks. It is not meant to focus on

just individual muscles but is aimed to improve your overall strength, agility, energy and

mood. A traditional gym trainer would teach you cardio or strength training but that would

give you little benefit in improving your quality of life. I will design a work out program that

will specifically address your particular life style needs. End of four weeks, you should feel

that you are able to get things done like never before. You will have energy to spare for your

family or kids and if your car needs pushing, you will feel confident to pull your end. A

genuine improvement to your well being. End of this phase will be an assessment and if you

have cleared it, we’ll move on to the last phase.

Resistance training

finally, this is the phase where we will focus on increasing both the strength, tone and the look

of your muscles. When you come out through this phase, you should expect to see a drastic

improvement in the way you look and feel overall. When this phase ends, you would be happy

as a bird!

Anyways, I am being honest here and you know I am too naive for tactics. I am personally

going to kick start this system and will take clients under my own care through out these

phases. But, as you know, I can’t possibly take a lot of clients since as an individual my

bandwidth is hugely limited. All I am looking for is just a handful of serious fitness

enthusiasts who are willing to commit 12 weeks for this process. Can you do that? This isn’t

something you can join anytime you wish. ‘Now’ is the time.

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