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Video – Personal Trainer Fees in Chennai, India

How much I can charge for my personal training sessions? There are two different areas in personal training. One is at home personal training and another thing is personal training inside a facility. So I will just explain how the personal training inside the facility works first. Most people start their career as a personal trainer in a facility. In a facility, it’s like based on the facility they are working. The personal training charges start from, maybe some facilities it’s like three thousand, some have in a very low facility it’s Rs. 3000 and it grows up to Rs. 5000. In general, it’s like, it’s a standard rate of Rs. 3 to Rs. 5K for our most of the facilities. But if the trainer is good and he has a good experience and track record, like transformation he did and result based on that fees, go up to Rs. 8000 and Rs. 12000.

When you are working in a facility, what happens is the entire personal training charges doesn’t go in the fitness trainer’s pocket. It’s like you need to pay somewhere around 60%. If you are a starter, beginner or novice trainer, you need to pay 70% to the facility. And if you’re an experienced person you can pay minimum, minimum, that minimum you can pay 50% to the facility. It’s very mandatory. We might think, we’re working, we’re training the clients, why we need to pay the 50% to the facility whatever. Because he had put the huge investment on that, so you’re just adding more service to this facility. So, definitely, you need pay that 50% to the club owner. So then 50% to you.

It’s like approximately, so the minimum personal training charges at the facility start from 3000 and maximum charges up to 12000 very rarely, very few trainers charge somewhere around fifteen to twenty thousand. They also, they don’t get a basic salary or something. They just come into the facility, they train and they move out of the facility. One more option is also available in some clubs, you just need to pay the monthly fee. There is no cut or anything. You can charge any much amount of personal training charges. So, in general, the market rate we can fix somewhere around five thousand to twelve thousand. It is an average market rate for a club facility personal training. You can see on the next video how much you can charge at home training.

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