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Since the start of sport and games, there was a demand for functional training. We move in all planes of motion while we play a sport.

There would also be questions, passing through our mind, like

How to train for a sport without leading to injuries?

How the biomechanics of the sport should be analysed?

What way of training should be incorporated, by understanding the kinetic chain involved in performing a functional movement.

What more can a program give you?

We provide you an elaborative practical approach with the most latest functional tools available in the market along with basic Programming. The most exciting part of the workout is the CROSSFIT program along with the answers to the above questions.

  • Fundamental of functional training including HMS, Biomechanics & Kinetic chain
  • Sporting Goals of Functional training
  • Classification of Functional Exercise
  • Brief introduction on the Concept of CROSS-FIT
  • Practical’s on Various Functional training tools Like Kettle bell, TRX, Combat Rope, Flexi bar and ballistic power movements and much more…
Course fee INR: 5,000 + GST
Course Delivery Only during the week ends
Course duration 1 week end
Saturday 3 Hrs Theory & 3 Hrs Practical (Only Direct class room sessions)
Sunday 6 Hour Practical’s (Only Direct class room sessions)
Conducted once in every 3 Months
Model Independent Model goes with CFR-Pro Pendulum Training System
Supports NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
Covers CPT Syllabus Balance training / SAQ & Plyometric Training Concept

Rs. 5,000 + GST

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