Explore New Horizon in fitness industry

Fitness industry is stretching 20% annually

The entire industry is just been driven by only 0.1 to 0.5 % of Indian populations even a fractional increase will create a great opportunity for  employment and infrastructure, in this condition you may think  why the gym membership rates or not been increased ? competition  no there is enough window for more people.

My personal training rates has been increased 25 % annually. The reason for failure in industry is non strategic efforts of sales and marketing process, every trainer who jumps in to industry with in three years time they will get diverted to different things, because they where not been guided properly.

Most of them think training is the only glorious aspect of this industry, its wrong to assume the fitness industry is about professionals with big muscles. Fitness industry needs many kinds of skills.

To create a lucrative career path people need to align their Knowledge, Skills and Ability to match the industry requirement.

The ultimate goal of this workshop is to demystify the doubts and to create a perfect career pathway to be a successful fitness professional.

The workshop will covers

  • Opportunities in fitness industry
  • Career pathway
  • Earning potential in fitness industry
  • Where do you want to fix yourself Employment Self-employment  or Entrepreneurship
  • Understanding the sales funnel for client conversation rate
  • Eligibilities to be a fitness professional
  • How to balance your Skill Knowledge and ability
  • Business projections for personal trainers
  • Various training approaches to improve your knowledge constantly
  • Know your certifying body and their curriculum (ACE, NASM, ACSM, NSCA, ISSA)
  • Complete career guidance done by ACFIT Faculty members by the end of the session

Come and Find Out The Answers To All Your Career Related Questions

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