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The fitness industry is growing rapidly in India. The demand for qualified trainers is spiking. So every gym is looking for qualified trainers to take their business to higher standards. So trainers need to know what a corporate gym or a client expects from you, apart from just the training knowledge. Conversing effectively with the Client, Maintaining Eye Contact, Punctuality are some of the basic ethics which are required to be followed. Similarly there are hundreds of ethical values that are required for you to be successful in the industry. We @ ACFIT, challenge you that no other fitness academy has dedicated a full scale program and evaluation process for ethics and interview process. We simulate you with an exclusive interview procedure and make you feel the real world situation, so that when you attend a real one you will nail it.

  • Floor Discipline
  • Insides of Personal, Professional and Corporate Ethics
  • Client Factors
  • Professionalism and Dressing Sense
  • Mock Interview with grading based on current performance
Course fee INR: 2,500 + GST
Course Delivery Only during the week ends
Course duration 1 week end
Week 1 : Saturday 6 Hour Practical’s (Only Direct class room session)
Conducted once in every 3 Months
Model Independent Model goes with CFR-Pro Pendulum Training System
Supports NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
Covers CPT Syllabus Approved By NASM for CPT exam

Rs. 2,500 + GST

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